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Well yes, its been months since my friend, RH Quilantang did this artwork for me. What happened is that I just noticed I haven’t posted it here yet so I thought of doing it. Yes, its been at my DeviantArt account but hey! I gotta post this one here too so you guys could see it.

Anyway, this is my original character named Overdrive. This piece of art is something that really made my day, you know. Knowing RH’s art style, I always knew that Overdrive would look awesome once this guy does a version.

I was right. I’m all impressed. This is a dream come true for me really. I really liked this one that I once told RH that when Overdrive gets his own comicbook, “this will be the cover”. He responded by saying “sulatin mo na”.

Lets all wait for that one then. Heheheh…

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2 Responses to “Overdriven”

  1. ed says:

    cool art work. so when will this be published?

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ed, hi there. Im aiming for a October Komikon release for this. Hope things work out for good. Thank you for checking out my stuff, Ed. :)

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