It was my birthday last Saturday and it’s just today that I got to check my mails. I received this piece from one of my fellow Bayan Knights, Aaron Felizmenio. It’s an artwork of my original character named Overdrive.

Aaron has been one of those artists on DeviantArt that I really admire. He does some awesome work and I’m glad he took the time to make this one for me. I’ll make sure that I print this and frame this sometime.

Watch out cos I’m betting on this kid to be the next big thing in the comics industry just a few years from now.

Click the link and view his many other awesome works.

Thanks much, Aaron! You rock!…

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4 Responses to “Gift”

  1. DCel Echz says:

    post mo na yan sa dA

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    I sure will, Dcel! Watch out for it :) Heheh…

  3. Ida says:

    Hey! I forgot to greet you! Or, maybe I didn’t. I actually have another friend who has the same name and birthday as you, and last Saturday, I only remembered one Markus celebrating his birthday. -_- Okay, so maybe I did forget. :P Anyway, hope your day was fun! :D

  4. Mark Rosario says:

    It was VERY fun, Ida. I spent the whole day attending church meetings, trainings and MC’ing for a youth activity :)

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