Mukat Comics|Comics Review

Mukat Comics|Comics Review

Jul 29

Some comic book artists may have improved so much they want to bury their past works as if in shame.

You don’t expect the same from Mel Casipit.

This guy is bold enough to release his first-ever comics, unredrawn, unenhanced, un-Photoshopped and all. He’s proud of it and he should be. Mukat Comics is a fun little title I could only attempt to describe as Lord of The Rings meets Pokemon.

Mukat Comics #1

The Manga-ish illustrations give us a glimpse of Mel’s beginnings, way back the time before winning several Komikon awards. Besides, he did the book during his college days and he did it all for fun – from writing and drawing the story, to hand-lettering all the captions and dialogues.

What I love the most about Mukat Comics is that it brings back the feeling of being a kid. Really! If you’ve been an avid reader of Funny Komiks during your childhood, there shouldn’t be any reason why you wouldn’t love Mukat Comics. This is a  fantasy-adventure story that wouldn’t feel out-of-place in case it was published with all the other Funny stories we’ve grown to love.

Also, I find it cool that Mel gets to introduce us to a lot of characters without making it feel overwhelming. Plus yeah, I gotta admit I had a few chuckles when I encountered some names such as Kulayot, Gurabis, Bambanu or even Mukat itself. Being from Pangasinan as Mel is, those words meant something else in our local dialect.

Mukat Comics #2

Spelling and grammar issues aside, Mukat Comics is surely an ejoyable read. As excellent as his other works may be, I’d say this is easily my favorite Mel Casipit book.

Mel has already released 3 issues and he estimates there will be at least 5 more. What do I think about that?.. “Bring it on!”  “I am eager to read each one!”

All in all, I could only summarize my thoughts in two words: Mukat rocks!

Me holding my copy of Mukat Comics #3


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