This isn’t just my first time to color – this is my first time to use Photoshop actually! Heheheh… Not bad for a first timer? I hope so.

Artwork done by Myke Guisinga

Character Created by Gio Paredes

Colors by me

Did this without permission from either of them but I trust they’d be kind enough not to sue me for this. :D

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4 Responses to “Kalayaan”

  1. yoxx says:

    ganda bro!
    entry niyo eto dun sa ginagawa ni sir gilbert monsanto?

  2. Well, well, well :) I didn’t have time to visit your DA page (still sifting through the hundred or so earlier devs chronologically!) but i’m glad i saw this here. Hope to see more ;) Cheers!

  3. Hazel Manzano says:

    Hi. Nice coloring!

  4. Mark Rosario says:

    “Yes” and “No”. Yes, kasali si Kalayaan sa project ni Gilbert but no, hindi ko entry to. Entry to ni Gio heheh… Check em out by clicking the link above.

    Thanks you managed to visit my blog despite being so busy. Touched naman ako hehehe…

    Uy! Thanks sa compliment :)

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