Kajo Baldisimo | Star Wars Penciller

Kajo Baldisimo | Star Wars Penciller

Oct 29

The very first time I took a glance at Kajo Baldisimo‘s artwork, I knew this guy could hit it big time soon. I just knew. His artworks are intense and so much potential. I love how he plays around with the black and white medium. I also admired how he almost used a different artstyle for each Trese story he illustrated. Haha!

Now he’s already doing pencils for Star Wars Legacy. Wow! I am so not surprised he made it this far. Yes, its definitely not a small achievement for a down-to-earth, shy-during-interviews type of guy who once scribbled “Maraming Thengk You, Ser Markus” when I asked him to sign my Trese books. Not a small achievement but I assure you its a well-deserved one.

What more can I say? Well way to go, Kajo. We’re proud and happy to see another Pinoy comicbook artist do interior pages in “a galaxy far, far away.” May you get that dream Batman job in the nearest possible future too :D

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  1. wow… so proud to be pinoy right now! wohoo! congrats sir Kajo Baldisimo!

  2. Myke08

    Bangis ni Ka’jo talaga! Yan ang klasmet kuh! Next nyan si Ian Sta. Maria na. Meron pa isa malupeet sa mga ka-klase ko nun ehh..si Jimmy.

    Saan na kaya yun. :D

  3. Wan

    idol talaga!

  4. Go, go, go, Kajo!..

    @ Myke, uy talaga? Astig, classmate mo pala sya :)

  5. Rob

    A very talented artist!

  6. Val Boudewyns

    I have to get the new star wars theme on my Tom Tom GPS. Looks like It’s fantastic!

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