Iron Man Empire

Iron Man Empire

Nov 30

The excitement for Iron Man 2 continues to build one update at a time. The film comes out on May 07 2010 but the good news is that we’ll already be seeing the trailer next month!

Director Jon Favreau confirmed that comes December 25, the Iron Man 2 trailer will be shown along with Sherlock Holmes - another film that he directed and also stars Robert Downey Jr.

Those who don’t have plans of watching that one should change their minds as early as now…  Or there’s always YouTube, of course. Hahah!

Either way, here’s a bad ass preview cover for Empire Magazine‘s  January 2010 issue.

Sweet, huh? Grab one if you can. See if I care.  :p

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  1. Devon Yray

    Were you one of the millions that went out to view the IronMan 2 Movie this weekend? I think alot of people did. I thought the movie incredible. It had awsome special effects and tons of action in it. Over all I would recommend everyone .

  2. Ryse Edwards

    Iron man!!! OK where to start with this one,, Movies good but like others have said somethings missing.? i don’t know what it is tho, Its seems since Comic movies have developed over time in movies they are missing vital things,,have a couple of fight scenes and a little character development and thats it..? What they need is more deepness to the whole experience,,this movie just seems to have more “iron men” in numbers and thats it until the final. Don’t get me wrong the movies enjoyable prob down to Downey,,thats it but unlike the first one it really lacks substance,shame cause i was kinda expecting a really good story as in terms of development but it simply lacks this,,,it just strolls on like painting by numbers just filling in the bits as needed,, Its like it just cashes in on the first with no other reason but that, If you think of Comic Movies in general there are only a few to name that do stand out,,this simply isn’t one. summarise ,,watch it for what it is,,your kids will love it but don’t expect anything really spectacular from it..

  3. @ Devon and Ryse, here are my thoughts about Iron Man 2:

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