Gorillaz Meets Alan Moore

Gorillaz Meets Alan Moore

Nov 26

It was Gorillaz day yesterday - well, at least for me, that is. I suddenly missed the band and so I listened to Demon Days the entire day, changed my desktop wallpaper and then watched several live performances and interviews via YouTube.  Lastly, yep you guessed it right - I made some random search on the web as well.

And hey, guess what I found? It looks like fans of the virtual band should brace themselves as Gorillaz founders Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett recently announced that they’d be having an upcoming project with comics legend Alan Moore.

Moore confirmed through AllVoices.com that he will be writing the lyrics for the band’s “next opera.”

At the same time, the Gorillaz will be participating for Moore’s current project, Dodgem Logic. The renowned writer said “[For the third issue] we’ve hopefully got Gorillaz onboard…  Being an opportunist, I asked them… to contribute some pages to Dodgem Logic.”

What more can I say but “wow”?

So wow.

It’s always cool when music and comics collide.

Now I can’t help but keep my eyes peeled for this.

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  1. i wonder whether damon albarn will be in on it too, or just jamie hewlett (the illustrator)?

  2. @ Macoy, lets wait and see. But my guess is that it would be both of them. Sila kasing dalawa nakipag-meet ke Alan.

  3. *rubs hands together* iiinterestinggg…

  4. Isidro Tochterman

    Hi, just today found this blog but I have to admit that it seems nice. I fully agree with your post. Have a nice day, keep up the great work and I’ll definitely follow it.

  5. @ Isidro, thanks!

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