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Claws and Armors

Everyone’s been raving about X-Men Origins: Wolverine as of late. As I try to browse blogs and sites, it’s always a big possibility that I would see a review or something about the movie. I’m really trying my best to stay away from such sites as much as I can. I might just get my turn to watch it this coming Saturday and the last thing I’d want is to read any spoilers about it. Spoilers can ruin the whole experience sometimes. Just ask Gio Paredes anytime! He perfectly knows how it feels. Heheh.. Chillax, Gio :)

In the mean time, here’s another flick I would love to catch on the big screen a year from now - a year and 3 days to be exact! Robert Downey Jr is back in action and they’re already filming Iron Man 2. I’m pretty excited for this and I’m sure this would be a great one. I’d love to see War Machine fight side by side with our favorite armored hero.

Wow! Its really a great time to be a Marvel fan! :)

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9 Responses to “Claws and Armors”

  1. Bradpetehoops says:

    Awesome and wonderful blog I love it.

  2. boeight says:

    Terrence Howard as Rhodey in Iron Man was replace by Don Cheadle due to salary issues and concern about the performance.

    Let see how Don outperform Terrence in Iron Man 2 :)

  3. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Bradpetehoops, thanks a lot!

    @ Boeight, yeah its kinda sad to see Howard go. At least Marvel managed to fix the glitch with Samuel L. Jackson. No one can replace that guy as Nick Fury :D

  4. Gio Paredes says:

    Nadawit nanaman ako dito sa blog mo ah.. hehehe.

    If you ask me, I like the old Nick Fury. The white guy. I do not know why they have change him from the Black and White haired Nick Fury to the blady Black Nick Fury.

    I have nothing against African American. I just do not want to change a semi-classic character like Nick.

    Plus, I starting not to like Samuel L. Jackson. Masyadong mayabang na tingin ko sa kanya ngayon eh. His characters are all arrogant. Lagi na lang ganun ang role nya. Wala pa yata syang comedy or drama na movie.

  5. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Gio, Ultimate Nick Fury kasi ang concept nila eh. The character itself was patterend after Jackson kaya tama lang na sya rin ang kunin nilang actor. :)

  6. rhardo says:

    nice site, bro! and yeah, saw x-men origins: wolverine, ok lang man. pero daghan inconsistencies pero enjoyed the movie though. excited na pd ko makakita sa iron man 2.

  7. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Rhardo, I agree with the inconsistencies part. Plus I think I wasnt prepared to see Deadpool that way during the last part of the movie. Anyway, I think it was sstill a good movie. As for Iron Man, I really can’t help but be excited about it much :) Salamat kaayo, Rahrds, for droppong by!

  8. Renie says:

    Iron Man 2, aabangan ko yan!!

  9. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Renie, oo ako rin! Isang taon na lang! Hahah

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