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Walastik! (A Lastikman Comics Review)

While most, if not all, young people today only know Lastikman either from the Vic Sotto flick or the Vhong Navarro TV series, it is refreshing to get the chance to see the character again in the actual format where he was first introduced - that of a comicbook.

I’m just glad I was finally able to get a copy of this special one-shot Lastikman comicbook released by Mango Comics way back 2005. Mango really deserves a pat on the back for taking the initiative to introduce (or, more appropriately, to reintroduce) Lastikman to new and old comics readers.

Taking a look at the credits, those familiar with the local komiks industry will surely recognize the names of 3 top caliber artists who worked together for this namely famed “Superman: Birthright” inker, Gerry Alanguilan (who wrote the story for this), artist Arnold Arre (whose recent work “Martial Law Babies” I have yet to check) and current “X-Men: Worlds Apart” inker Edgar Tadeo (who handled the coloring duties).

Thumbing through the pages and scanning it randomly, it’s really easy to tell that this title, production-wise, is an excellent example of what Fillipino creators could come up with provided that they get adequate support from their publisher. The pages are very impressive. To begin with, Arnold Arre’s artworks is just perfect for the story. His cartoony yet very detailed artsyle is just pure eye candy. It goes along very well with the script that I can’t help but chuckle several times, not only because of the dialogues but also because of the drawings. Check out Toto on page 50, panel 2 for an example of what I’m saying here. In addition, the action scenes are superb too.

Gerry Alanguilan, on the other hand, proves to us his versatility as a writer here. Reading Lastikman comics, one would never get any clues that this was the same guy who wrote “Wasted” (yes, that gritty, little black book). In this book, his story-telling is smooth, effective and, overall, genuinely humorous. I guess Gerry has really honed his craft of being hilarious in his previous works (Crest Hut Butt Shop, Johnny Balbona among others). My favorite scene would definitely be the part that deals with a grocery store, a hostage taker and a Jansport backpack. Thats just too funny :)

As for Edgar Tadeo’s colors, well, they’re cool! It’s really clear that he knows what to do to take Arnold’s artwork to a higher level. His work enhances the texture without overshadowing the lineart. He really did well for this.

All in all, I find Lastikman comics as a feel-good comicbook that can surely be enjoyed by any comics reader, whether young or young at heart. For me, this title is not just worth reading - it is worth owning. Kudos to Gerry, Arnold, Edgar and Mango comics for coming up with a great title that deserves a spot in every comic collector’s library. Here’s hoping that they come back for more :)

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16 Responses to “Walastik! (A Lastikman Comics Review)”

  1. AaronTuron says:

    Nice! TUwang tuwa ako nung binasa ko ‘to! Ganda ng drawing eh!

  2. rhardo says:

    posted this one at, bro… ;) paspas sa? hehehe! thanks, bai!

  3. Mark Rosario says:

    no probs, rhardo! basta ikaw ah!

  4. Mark Rosario says:

    Oo nga, Aaron. Ang galing talaga ni Arnold!

  5. Anonymous says:

    the comics was suprisingly good kudos to the creators, i got my copy during the 2007 komikon if this was the quality of the local comics that they are putting out in the local market the philippine comic industry would have been in a much better state.

  6. Mark Rosario says:

    Anonymous, thanks for leaving a comment. I hope these guys would be back for a sequel. I’d love to read more.

  7. DCel Echz says:

    inggit ako… di ko pa nababasa

  8. Mark Rosario says:

    Hanap ka lang ng copy, Dcel. Im sure meron pa dyan :)

  9. jzhunaegv says:

    Hi Sir! Tanong ko lang po kung saan pa po makakabili ng Lastikman, naghahanap po kasi ako..
    Salamat po… ^_^

  10. Mark Rosario says:

    @ jzhunaegv, where are you from? Try NBS outlets or if you’re from Metro Manila, specialty shops like Comic Oddysey, Comic Quest and Sputnik could be a good bet. Otherwise, you can also check out

  11. jzhunagev says:

    I’m from Metro Manila. I’ve emailed Mango Comics to ask if they still have a copy of it, but up to now they haven’t replied to me yet.
    In what NBS branches could this still be available? So far I’ve looked in the branches of Cubao, San Lazaro, Sta. Mesa, Recto, Rizal Ave. so many but alas hadn’t found one. A little help please…
    BTW, I’ve just read parts of you review. I’m wary some parts might contain spoilers as I hadn’t read the Komiks yet..
    Thanks… ^_^

  12. Mark Rosario says:

    @ jzhunaegv, ay ganun?.. Hirap naman nyan. Baka naubos na. Hhmm.. Try the comicbook shops I mentioned earlier. You have better chances there.

    Sino pala in-email mo sa Mango? Try Ms. Gina Nicolas. She’s in-charge of the back issues plus masipag mag-reply yun :) Here’s her email: [email protected].

    Goodluck, bro!

    PS. 99% spoiler-free yang review, dont worry. Heheh..

  13. jzhunagev says:

    Super thanks Sir! Salamat sa tulong. I’m crossing my fingers na sana meron pa rin silang mga back-issues ng Darna Komiks… yung 1 lang meron ako eh…
    Ewan ko lang Sir ah… parang hindi pa ako nakakakita ng mga gawa niyong komiks… sori kasi bago pa lang akong salta sa mundo ng komiks ehh.. nangangapa pa nga ako kung anu-ano ang mga magaganda… pero lahat syempre magaganda… gawang Pinoy ehhh… tsaka sinimulan ko talagang mag-ipon ng mga Pinoy-made Komiks hindi kasi ako masyadong nagbabasa ng ibang foreign made comics… masyadong maraming istoryang dapat malaman bago mo basahin ang ilang issues… Mahal pa! Well Salamat po uli!
    Mabuhay ang Pinoy Made Komiks!!! ^_^

  14. Mark Rosario says:

    @ jzhunagev, walang anuman! Uy buti ka pa at me Darna. Wala ako nyan. Heheh.. About Pinoy komiks, oo, okay yun na suportahan natin ang mga local creators natin. Magagaling sila talaga.

    By the way, wala akong sariling komiks kaya di mo talaga makikita pangalan ko. Haha! Pero isa ako sa mga associate editor ng Bayan Knights. Hopefully, masuportahan mo rin ang grupo :D

  15. jzhunagev says:

    Yup, they will get my full pledged support. May mga previous works po ako ni SUper Idol Monsanto… so far fave character ko si Astiging Boy Ipis… isip ipis kasi ako… nyehehehe… ^_^

  16. Mark Rosario says:

    @ jzhunagev, salamat ng marami sa suporta. Yup, ako rin. Ive been admiring Gilbert Monsanto’s work since elementary days. Way back Cybernaut pa. Haha! Magaling sya talaga.

    About Boy Ipis, si Mike Ignacio ang creator nun. And yes, si Gilbert (or “Sarge” as we fondly call him in the group) din ang artist for that. Half-way done na yung kanyang solo title. It will be released on August at the Manila Comic Con. Abangan nating lahat! Heheh..

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