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Seven Years Ago

“Here’s some good news for the president. After 9/11 we were told America would have no time for the world’s poor. America would be taken up with its own problems of safety. And it’s true these are dangerous times, but America has not drawn the blinds and double-locked the doors.

“In fact, you have doubled aid to Africa. You have tripled funding for global health. Mr. President, your emergency plan for AIDS relief and support for the Global Fund – you and Congress – have put 700,000 people onto life-saving anti-retroviral drugs and provided 8 million bed nets to protect children from malaria.

“Outstanding human achievements. Counterintuitive. Historic. Be very, very proud.” - Bono of U2

(during his speech on February 2, 2006 at the 51st annual National Prayer Breakfast. Held at Washington DC and attended by President George Bush and hundreds of national leaders)

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