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Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #1

I can’t blame you if you make the mistake of thinking that this is a how-to manual. Believe me - it’s not - though the title sounds like it.

Actually, Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #1 (of 2) is an anthology showcasing artworks of various artists Marvel editor CB Cebulski discovered after “travelling the globe”.

I’d say the artists were all good but I was most  impressed with Damion Hendricks who did the Spider-Man story. His detailed work and fantastic perspectives stands out among the others and I think this guy deserves to get a regular Marvel gig one of these days.

Here’s a few panels to show you what I mean.

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  1. ronel says:

    your blog looks fantastic..:)

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ ronel, thank you! :D

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