Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Act Of 2008

14th Congress
Senate Bill No. 2464


Long title


Explanatory Note

It is the duty of the State to give special value to the dignity of every
human person and to promote and safeguard its integrity and the moral, spiritual
and social well-being of its citizenry, especially the youth in general and women
in particular, from the pernicious effects of obscenity and pornography.
This Bill aims to criminalize the publication, broadcast, exhibition of
pornographic materials including images that appear in traditional media such as,
but not limited to, paper, celluloid, film, magnetic tapes or through airwaves or
through the use of computers, the internet, cyberspace, Internet chat, chat
rooms, web sites, electronic mails optical media, and other technological
advancements thereof to protect the morals of the society.
Approval of this bill is earnestly sought.

Introduced by Senator Manny Villar

Download a complete PDF copy below
and send an email to Senator Villar and tell him your thoughts

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12 Responses to “Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Act Of 2008”

  1. engel says:

    Nice one, dude.

    I think this is the right time and opportunity to finally join the battle against pornography. Pornography have already pushed to the limit consuming the purest minds of individuals. This is the time to give our support to Mr.Villar. You don’t have to pay anything. We just want your voice.

    Pls. email Sen.Villar on the email given by markus and show your support. I have done my part, you can do it too!

  2. Mark Rosario says:


    Thanks for the comment. I’ve actually sent a short email to the Senator to show support too. While he may not be my 2010 presidential bet, I really think that this is a really worthwhile bill.

    I am one of those who aren’t happy seeing almost-nude images of women displayed almost everywhere - from malls, to convenience stores, to bookstores and a host of other establishments.

    They are really everywhere and kids see them everyday - that disturbs me much.

    Yes, I personally think that it is impossible to stop people from producing and/or using such materials, but I really believe it would be smart to impose some restrictions to it, as well. I mean, look at tobacco and liquor. They warn people - especially the young - about it. Why not have some sort of warning and/or prohibition for these things as well?

  3. My only concern here is the loose definition of “obscene” and “pornographic” that certain individuals might apply. I remember when MTRCB Chairman Morato considered Spielberg’s award-winning “Schindler’s List” pornographic. And I still think he deserves to eat his shoe for it.

    People can also argue that “art” cannot be considered pornographic or obscene, but then we get into these messy debates about the definition of art.

    What I’d like to know I guess is who will be responsible for enforcing this law? Will the art community be represented? Academics and freethinkers too?

  4. Mark Rosario says:


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you. Its really true that definitions of “obscene”, “pornographic” and “art” can differ from one person to another.

    But yes. Given the choice, I really would want those magazines (don’t have to say what magazine, right?) out of the streets. Kids see them and it would really be sad to see a 7 year old, for example, read stuff like that.

  5. I know what you mean, Mark. But I firmly believe that children wouldn’t even come into close proximity of such materials if their parents were vigilant. In a mall, for instance, parents should know better than to linger in places where these materials are on display. And if a parent should purchase such a publication (hey, it happens), then they should have the presence of mind to keep such things away from their children.

  6. Mark Rosario says:


    Very good points you have there. Parents definitely should take the initiative to stay away from such areas when they have their kids with them. Only challenge here is that parents cant be with their kids all the time.

    As you know, I frequent NBS and Booksale. Its sad to see kids lingering on “those” sections even on their own

  7. Well, there’s no excuse for that. Why on earth are parents letting their kids wander off like that? Grrrr.

    Anyway, NBS and other stores should position these titles on higher shelves and away from reading material that would be of interest to minors. That’s something consumer feedback can accomplish without the need for new legislation ;)

  8. Which brings as back to who will enforce the law ;)

    Personally, I believe relying on legislation is the easy way out. It means people can sit back and let an institution determine for them what is wrong.

    Raising one’s voice against what is deemed obscene or pornographic is one of the freedoms accorded a democratic society. If people have forgotten this, legislation of this nature will only cause greater atrophy.

    Truth is, we have laws against allowing minors to buy alcohol or cigarettes and no one can say that the law is being enforced. We have a law against animal cruelty. We can have laws against all kinds of things. But all that amounts to nothing in a complacent society.

  9. Mark Rosario says:

    A law will make it possible for all of us to travel and visit different places around the country without the worries if any customer in that area has ever bothered to give different establishments some feedback or not though :)

  10. Mark Rosario says:

    “We can have laws against all kinds of things. But all that amounts to nothing in a complacent society.”

    Very true. I hope this law makes it and gets implemented in the right way then. :D

  11. Skron says:

    Why prohibit pornography? What’s wrong with it?

  12. Mark Rosario says:


    With all due respect, I hope to answer your questions with a couple of questions as well. I hope you won’t mind.

    So here goes..

    Why not prohibit pornography? What is so good with it that it should be exposed to the view of the public - even to minors?

    Good day, man.

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