Something To Look Forward To

Something To Look Forward To

Apr 23
I mostly watch movies on dvd with my friends but I guess this is something I’d like to see in the big screen.

(Here’s Tony working on his suit)

(This time, he’s testing his gadgets)

(Now, the finished product!)

I’m not really much of an Iron Man fan but I think this one’s very interesting. Of course, I’d like to see the suit in action. But aside from that, I’d also like to see how well could Robert Downey Jr. portray Tony Stark, a rich, playboy weapons inventor (what a combination!).

And besides, the songs in the trailer rocks! It has Black Sabbath (“Iron Man”) and Audioslave (“Cochise”) in it and that’s enough to spark my curiosity even more. It would really be great to see how the songs would fit in the movie.

I hope I get the chance to watch this one.


  1. yoxx

    yup..i’m a kid of the 80’s eh…these toys brings back nice memories of childhood..nice blog you have here.i’m also looking forward to watching the joe movie and iron man of course.

  2. yes, thats another movie that makes me excited for 2009. snake eyes looks way cool.

  3. yoxx

    la pa man durian ron.
    nway, thanks for the link bro!

  4. I’m really looking forward for this movie too mostly because I want to see the effects come to life^__^ great blog you got here.. and thanks for dropping by my blog (BitterSweet Memories^^)

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