Rhino the Hamster

Rhino the Hamster

Sep 24
Rhino will always be my favorite character from the Bolt movie. I guess anyone who has seen that movie can never resist this hilarious little hamster.  He really should get his own movie. He’s just “beyond awesome”, as he always describes Bolt. Haha!
Bolt Rhino the Hamster
Those of you who has too much free time on their hands can now own
Rhino – or at least an animated online version of a hamster. Make him run, eat and drink water by clicking on different parts of the screen. The drill’s pretty simple – hit that yellow circle on the center and make him run on his wheel, click elsewhere and give him some food. Its really cute and the animation’s impressive. Check it out yourself…


  1. rhino (odd name for a hamster hehe!) does deserve a movie of his own. the character is so hilarious! plus, a lot can relate to his uber fanatic personality, right geeks? LOL.

  2. @ Rhardo, right on the spot, bay. Plus hey! He’s not just a hamster.. He’s 1/16 wolf and wolverine, right? But yeah, that still doesn’t justify him being called Rhino. Haha!

  3. Mela

    Hahahahahahah I like this online hamster game thing. Sana nagllevel up din yung hamster heheheh. :p

  4. @ Mela, onga no?.. That would be nice! Haha!

  5. Jill Comiso

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