Disney Buys Marvel For $4 Billion

Disney Buys Marvel For $4 Billion

Aug 31

The deal has been closed and the news is now all over the web - Disney just bought Marvel for $4 billion! That means Disney now owns Marvel and its 5000 characters.

marvel civil war

Being a Marvel fan, I really am sooo shocked. Its not that I hate Disney or what  – I love them actually. Just a few months back, I even blogged about Bolt and some other Pixar-related stuff (i.e. a Wall-E pc casing and the upcoming Toy Story 3). Its just that, as most fans, I’ve always considered Marvel and Disney as two entirely different beings from two entirely different planets. Its really hard to imagine them under one roof!

So what does this ultimately mean for comic book geeks worldwide?.. A future grand crossover between the Avengers and the Seven Dwarfs, perhaps?


Oh, I am so wishing it’s an April Fool’s prank but the calendar says otherwise.  Someone wake me up instead just in case this is all a dream – a very weird dream at that.

*Both images owned by Disney (nooo!!!)


  1. Well at least Pixar can make a good Superhero 3D animated film.

  2. Boyet

    It made me laugh reading your side comment Mark. How about Ultimate Finding Nemo on your next review :)

  3. At least there will be more animation shows and maybe in 3D (Pixar) for Marvel. Look at Warner Bros. they have DC Comics and they’ve got the coolest lineup of animation shows.

  4. @ AaronTuron, hhmm that sounds good. A Fantastic Four meets the Incredibles would rock! :D

    @ Boyet, Haha! That would be weird. That might make Bolt belt out his “super bark.”

    @ Bien, that’s a good point. Marvel is soon to release a cutie-cutie Super Hero Squad soon and hope they do make more, more animated shows… and movies!… By the way, I’ve been waiting for the longest time for Spectacular Spider-Man season 3. Still no signs of it. Hope Disney saves the show then. Go, Mickey! :D

  5. Maybe we’ll get to watch Spectacular Spider-man on the Disney channel from now on.

  6. @ Bien,I will forever love Disney when they do that.. especially if they’ll push for season 3. That’s long overdue.. For now, I cant stop dreaming of a Fantastic Four-Incredibles match up. Just imagine.. Mister Fantastic vs. Mrs. Incredible, Invisible Woman vs. Violet, The Thing vs. Mr. Incredible… and best of all.. Human Torch vs. Jack Jack! *lol*

  7. I’ve read at comicbookresources.com that during a panel discussion at a comic convention, the creative team of the show were pretty mum about season 3. Maybe this is because the show might be pulled out of Cartoon Network because of the Disney deal. But they promised that if there will be a season 3, Hobgoblin will definitely be there.

  8. @ Bien, I’m crossing my fingers for that. Hobgoblin would be a good villain… And is it finally time to hope for a Carnage appearance?

  9. Dude

    you know… If a new version of Marvel vs Capcom come I will make my team, Mickey, Spider Man and Ryu… Guys, someone can say about prince of persia? Is this dude from Disney too?

  10. @ Dude, hhmmm.. I wish I could say I’m familiar with Prince of Persia. About the Marvel/Capcom thing, I guess that would be interesting too. I wonder what Mickey’s power moves will be.. Hahah!

  11. Ade

    Finding Zemo! Honey I shrunk the kids with Pym Particles!

  12. @ Ade, I like that Finding Zemo. It has a fun ring to it! But what do you say we see Ghost Rider riding, uhm, Pluto maybe?.. Now that would be the weirdest :D

  13. i’ve been a bit pessimistic about the whole Marney/Disvel merger… i don’t know. Last I heard, Disney won’t be producing the third installment of Narnia due to possible losses (as what they’ve experienced in Prince Caspian). and now, they have just bought marvel. scratching my head. but on a positive note, marvel has produced tried-and-tested bankable movies. so, that could be it. so, until donal duck grows claws, make mine MARVEL (or mickey)!

  14. @ Rhardo, I symphatize. I think this news rocked the entire fandom more than anything else this year. I mean Marvel’s in perfect shape, right? Why sell it and, of all companies, why Disney?.. Heheh.. Lets just cross our fingers and hope for the best. The deals been inked anyway.. Grrr.. And oh, I love your new avatar :D

  15. Dude

    Well, I hope if I walk in the Disney Land, Spider Man and Wolverine don’t come around acting like a baby… Look mom, Spider Man… :-P … Someone know if the brand logo will change?

  16. @ Dude, at least we might see Deadpool hanging out with Jack Sparrow! Hahah.. As for the logo, I doubt they will change that.

  17. Dude

    I hope that don’t change it… Marvel like the barbie font… maaan… Marvel web site has a realease about… but I had no patience to read… is just the old history… I guess

  18. monsanto

    the INCREDIBLES/FANTASTIC FOUR crossover in 3D :)

  19. @ Dude, no logo changes in the foreseeable future for Marvel, I guess. Its iconic enough.

    @ monsanto, that would absolutely be awesome. I admit I’m more of an Incredibles fan than an FF fan :)

  20. Edz Rizo

    How about… hmmmmm.

    My favorite Disney (Pixar) character, so far, are Nemo and Wall-E. And then for Marvel, it’s a hands-down-wtf Wolvie and Storm.

    So there. How could you combine those four? Hahahaha.

  21. @ Edz Rizo, now that’s a tough one. Hhhmm.. Lets just put em all together on a videogame.. Marvel VS. Pixar, instead of Capcom hehe

  22. It’s just Disney’s business approach to make more money from the boy market. It’s all about the $$$$. :)

    Which is all fine with me. It will make trips to the Disney store one stop shopping and now maybe Disney World will make a cool Spidey or Batman ride….?

  23. @ Angie, yes thats true. But, uhm, I doubt we’ll get to see Batman on any Disney stuff though. DC and Warner owns him, that’s why. Thanks for dropping by, anyway :)

  24. Fritz Dador

    how about Steve Rogers versus Sleeping Beauty in a sleep mode battle…? i hope that they will not make a crossover of disney fantasy and marvel genius imagination… but if they did… that’s the worst and truly imbecile insane fantasy in the history….

  25. iamfritz

    this is coolest and funniest comments or conversation i’ve ever read… make mine Walt Marvel… excelsior

  26. iamfritz

    Captain America versus Sleeping Beauty… in a sleep mode battle… then someone will kiss Captain, it’s Jack Sparrow or the Prince of Persia… or Beast maybe…

  27. Fritz Dador

    this is the coolest and funniest blogs…

  28. Hahah! Glad you enjoy the write-ups, Fritz :D


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